Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe: Taking Firepower Forward

Due to the success of our highly regarded ‘Future Artillery’ and ‘Future Mortar Systems’ summits, we are incredibly honoured to announce the inaugural Future Indirect Fires Eastern Europe conference taking place between 5-6 December 2017 in Bucharest, Romania.

Given the current threat context in the region, there is a clear need for regional allies and partners to gather and discuss our capabilities. We must do this together, in order to become both interoperable and joint fires compatible.

As we are charged with ensuring our armed forces are equipped to deal with current and future threats, we must gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges to be faced and collectively address the questions of the day. How can we formulate a comprehensive strategy to tackle all threats to the integrity of our land borders? How can we work with our allies to ensure a rapid and collective response? How can we build further cooperation between our nations to develop defence capabilities and alliances?

With these questions in mind, the event provides the platform we need to discuss the topics of munition choice, target acquisition, range extension, battlespace integration, counter-batter capability and mobility – enabling us to find methods for greater collaboration with military and industry partners. The promotion of international outreach and engagement are key themes throughout the meeting and the event provides a unique opportunity for leaders to strengthen messages of cooperation with key regional allies and counterparts across the world.

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