What's troubling modern artillery forces?...Four nations speak out

March 2015 Ahead of Future Artillery 2015, four nations weigh in on where current challenges and priorities lie when it comes to enhancing their field artillery capabilities for an uncertain future. Whether in the struggle to ensure defence budgets or the ability to predict the type of conflict in tomorrow's operations, one thing is for certain - a new discussion on equipment, interoperability and multinational coordination is desperately needed. Comments herein are provided by artillery commanders and specialists from Brazil, the Netherlands, Denmark and the United States.

Ukraine and IS conflicts emphasise continued importance of artillery development

February 2015
Amid the contentious Ukraine ceasefire, the significance of artillery in modern conflict has again been underscored. Following the 12 February Minsk agreements, brokered by France and Germany, pro-Russian separatists have reportedly continued to shell Ukrainian forces in order to seize the strategic city of Debaltseve ahead of what many analysts believe will be another push towards Mariupol. Col. Viktor Shidlyukh, the deputy commander of Ukrainian forces defending Mariupol, has said that the equipment being used by the separatists has been provided by the Kremlin and includes air burst munitions...